Fear is a manipulative emotion

Posted by: admin Post Date: 10.04.2018

What if we imagine for a moment that failure is nothing but a feedback, an information in space telling us that the goal we are trying to achieve is less likely to happen by using the same approach all over again.

Well then, there are numerous ways to find a possible working direction.

Yes sure, theory is clear – life is simple and easy until we put ourselves outhere

How does it happen that we often fail to face the challenges or jump on top of the wave. Doesn’t it come from sheer fear?

We feel frightened when some occurrences bring unpleasant sensation or awaken negative memory from our past. But from the other hand, by experiencing fear, we protect ourselves from incidents with disturbing consequences.

Unfortunately, in addition to protecting ourselves, we close a huge potential for expansion and growth. We choose to stay swamped, because by not taking action, future is much more predictable. And as a result  slowly and imperceptibly we become small in thinking, small in action, small in achievement 

Having Dreams? Well, what dreams? World is such a scary place

I recently watched a Ted Talk, where a fascinating young man is telling his story about the challenge he took: 100 days of rejection


The important realization I take with me is if I wish for something, I am about to get two possible outcomes: Yes or No … If its “Yes” that is great … If its “No” that is fine as well, because I understand the complexity of human interactions, which are not necessarily intentionally harmful to me

I made a little research as Fear as a subject has become very interesting to me and here is what I found

Fear leads to Withdrawal/Dissociation 

Followed by Feeling of Loosing Control/Anxiety, 

Treated it with Addiction – Food, Alcohol, Smoking,TV, Internet…. 

Effects of “treatment” are Melancholy, Dissatisfaction, Mourning, Desolation

As a result we give ourselves a “gift” named Arrested Self Growth 

And here we are, back to the Fear

In fact, reasoning only becomes meaningful if it’s followed by action. That’s why as a first step I get my personal fears into account and start dealing with them. Here comes an inspirational thought by Donald Miller: “Fear is a manipulative emotion that can seduce us to live a monotonous and boring life …”

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