Why do we need emotional fast help

Posted by: admin Post Date: 10.04.2018

Simplistically said we are composed by physical and emotional body. It is unbelievable how much care we put on maintaining our outlooks – bathing, exercising, grooming, dyeing, take eating into art, drinking, having sex, bombarding ourselves with all kinds of sensory stimulus
How much of that effort do we put on taking care of our emotional body?

On the contrary, emotions are often hidden, sadness and grief are suppressed, we transform our true desires into acceptable, well-perceived clichés. We erupt in anger at times, but it doesn’t look good so by the time next eruption is on its way, it already has been turned into frustration and mournfulness. Our love and affection often strays in weird ways of expression.

After years of wandering around our personal emotional labyrinths, we get badly surprised to find out we suffer from a difficultly diagnosed symptoms

In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we experience emotional difficulties much more often than physical ones. Rejection, failure, loneliness, helplessness, anger or sadness hound us daily

I have had the opportunity to wander around the world for quite some time and meanwhile got curious about how other nations are dealing with that contradiction.

Fortunately, my stays were long enough as to let me get into some cultural characteristics and peculiarities. As it turned out some of French-speaking nations seem to have found their way of handling the controversy.

It was interesting to observe how people around me treat their emotional difficulties without any shame or awkwardness, while on the other side, I was trying to convince everyone how well I am doing. They would present it similarly to having a flu, a stomachache, or a big pimple on their face which require an immediate treatment. They would do it quickly and naturally…

Okay, here in Bulgaria, my country of origin, we also have our therapeutic ways of dealing with frustration. Fortunately, we are a nation where social interactions occur frequently, naturally, without much planning required. We meet a friend, talk, cry, laugh, eat, drink and the cloud appears to have gone away.

But on the other hand, the world is moving forward and has already found quite effective ways of dealing with emotional challenges. Although psychology is a relatively young science, it develops very fast, taking different directions and approaches – from long-term therapies through those that are geared towards finding a prompt, concrete solution, hypnotherapy to motivational seminars. There is also a place for as called pop psychology (popular magazines, Paulo Coelho, short term panacea advisers)

Approaches and solutions vary as each one of us functions differently, our personal coping mechanisms for dealing with emotional problems are very particular and what works for one does not work for all

Taking care for our emotional health is a step forward on the way finding our better functioning selves, as well as being more informed and confident in raising our children.

Why shouldn’t we postpone taking an action?

Because, when we fracture a limb, we do not stay at home, get drunk, having random sex while waiting for the pain to go away. It is a common sense if we don’t fix the broken bone on time a nonunion occurs followed by complications for the rest of our lives

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